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Top 5 Reasons Why Guys Give Girls Flowers

Fresh flowers are an easy way to cheer someone up whether male or female and remind them that they are on your mind.  Sending flowers to someone special is so much more than just sharing a bouquet of gorgeous fresh flowers. 

There’s something very special about receiving a beautiful bouquet of joy, especially if you don’t expect it. It could be for any occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or even just because you’re thinking of them. Whatever the reason, sending fresh flowers will make anyone feel loved and appreciated, and who doesn’t like that?

Here are some reasons why men send women flowers. 

Good Impression

As a guy meeting a lady for the first time or taking her out on the first date, it is often a great idea to make a good impression, especially if you want the conversation to keep going, and one of the best ways to do that is to gift her flowers.

In times past, gifting ladies fresh flowers have always been the gentlemanly thing to do. It worked then and is still relevant today.

It could seem a trivial gesture but helps a lot with making a good first impression.


Express Interest or Desire

Flowers speak louder than words and are a great way for a man to express interest in a lady. Flowers can be used to express love, mark anniversaries, or let a girl know especially that she’s in his thought.

Sending flowers to a lady to show interest can come with a message or a handwritten note so she isn’t left guessing who the flowers are from. 


To Apologize

One major reason guys send flowers to women is to apologize. This could be for reasons such as not giving her enough attention, apologizing after an argument, or even cheating

Roses are romantic flowers which is a popular choice when apologizing to a lady and are often accompanied by gifts such as chocolates, teddies,  champagne etcetera. 


Non-Romantic Reasons

The use of flowers is not only for romantic settings. Men may also give their female friends and relatives flowers for special events such as Mother’s day, Graduations, and Anniversaries.

In addition, a male colleague can also give women flowers to celebrate a professional achievement or as a birthday gift. It’s however important to send a note such as “Good job on winning that case!”, “Happy Birthday” etcetera together with platonic flowers, so they don’t portray an unintended meaning.

Colorful flowers such as chrysanthemums, yellow or white roses, and lilies can be sent.


Just Because

Sometimes, a guy doesn’t need a particular reason to gift lady flowers, as sending to her Just Because is enough reason in itself.

Guys sometimes gift ladies flowers for no specific reason this could be giving her flowers just because or to let her know he has her on his mind; it could also be to put a smile on her face. All these are no specific reasons but they are often considered very thoughtful.

In essence, you sometimes don’t need a reason to gift lady flowers. No reason is a good reason too.

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