Flowers send a unique expression of emotions that words don’t always easily convey, and are great for any occasion.

Flowers also come in many shapes, colors and sizes and can be as little as a long-stemmed red rose, or as varied as a bouquet of different flowers and colors mixed together.

Flowers can also be sent for various reasons to women and even to men ranging from joyous occasions such as birthdays to sad ones such as funerals.


Selecting the right flowers for different occasions can be challenging, as such, one may be skeptical of what type or color of flower to get for each occasion, especially as many flowers have hidden meanings that might either not convey the intended message or even create a faux pas by conveying an unintended message to the recipient or receiver.


Knowing the symbolism and hidden meaning of the different types of flowers and their colors for various occasions can thus help you in choosing just the right arrangement for the occasion it’s needed.


Not to worry, here are some flower types and colors you can send to your loved ones for different occasions. 

Note, however, that except in some specific scenarios, many of these guidelines are not strictly set in stone, and most flowers can often be used for other occasions too

Before reading on, however, remember that this is not gospel as the best flowers come from the heart, so feel free to always choose flowers that you also like, not just baked on a list.

ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Anniversaries

BIRTHDAY FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Birthdays

ROMANCE FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Romance

VALENTINE FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Valentines Day

GET WELL SOON FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send To A Sick Person

FUNERAL AND CONDOLENCE FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For a Funeral and Condolence


ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Anniversaries

Anniversary flowers were established for each marriage year across various cultures around the world. Each flower has a unique meaning that represents the milestone, embracing new achievements and virtues gained by staying by each other’s side. 

If you are in doubt about what flowers to give, you can pick a bouquet with a variety of flowers that represents your couple’s year.

You have the freedom to choose your spouse’s or friend’s favorite flowers or colors. Mixed flowers are also excellent anniversary flowers. 

To make your anniversary bouquet even more luxurious, attach a message and gifts like chocolates, wine and champagne, a spa set, or a scented candle.


  1. 1st Anniversary: Carnations
  2. 2nd Anniversary: Cosmos
  3. 3rd Anniversary: Sunflower
  4. 4th Anniversary: Geranium
  5. 5th Anniversary: Daisies
  6. 10th Anniversary: Daffodils
  7. 20th Anniversary: Asters
  8. 30th Anniversary: Lilies
  9. 40th Anniversary: Gladiolus
  10. 50th Anniversary: Roses and Violets


BIRTHDAY FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Birthdays

It’s hard to go wrong with a cheerful bouquet of flowers when looking for a thoughtful and fun birthday gift for a friend or loved one.

A boyfriend, husband, mother, friend, or work colleague will all have different preferences, and some flowers have different meanings and their symbolism can take a whole new dimension when sent on a special occasion.

We will recommend always thinking of the recipient and to feel secure that any bouquet of flowers will make them feel that they have been thought of and appreciated on their special day.

If you are looking to send flowers for a friend’s birthday just focus on choosing a bright and colorful arrangement like a mix of roses with millon star. 


If it’s to your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you can send a bouquet of red roses or mix flowers of red and white as red signifies love and romance.


For a family member, tulips or lilies are perfect. They symbolize caring, happiness and positivity.


ROMANCE FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Romance

There are a lot of flowers that represent romance, but the most iconic is the red rose. Red roses are known as the flower of love. The red rose signifies deep emotions and desires and is given to symbolize love, but they aren’t the only ones to earn this title. 


Romance flowers include peonies, sunflowers, or tulips, which signify happiness, prosperity, and romance. 

Lavender is a plant that also symbolizes love.


Romantic flowers can be used to beautifully adorn gifts like perfumes, wines, chocolate, cake or cupcakes, balloons, spa gift set, scented candles, and teddies.


A popular arrangement that might be suitable for romance includes Red roses or red chrysanthemums with gypsophila because it means passion and love.


VALENTINE FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is an iconic day for celebrating romantic love. However, even those without a romantic partner can celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending flowers to those they care about. 

From friendships to extended family members to valued co-workers, there’s a flower type and color to fit every meaningful connection in your life.


Roses are the most used flower for Valentine’s Day. Deep red roses symbolize love combined with great passion. A dozen or more red roses are the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers for your true love, and a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine, or a cake


Some colors of roses are also great for valentine’s as pink roses signify admiration and gratitude for the recipient. Yellow roses signify friendship, joy, and new beginnings, Orange can show your enthusiasm or desire for someone, and white conveys pure reverence.


Flowers like Tulips ( red, yellow, purple, pink and white), Orchid and Lilies can also be sent as a valentines day flower


GET WELL SOON FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send To A Sick Person

Sending fresh flowers to a friend or family member who is sick and hospitalized or even at home is a gesture of love and care. 

Sending fresh flowers to them is a way to wish them a speedy recovery. Therefore, the flowers you choose should not only be attractive but should also hold significance.

Get well soon flowers to a sick person is a most common and thoughtful approach and is one of the best ways to wish someone a quick recovery. 

Get well soon flowers do not only cheer up a sick person but also make a dull day seem brighter.

 A recent study by Rutgers University demonstrates that flowers make patients happier for a longer period in contrast with other gifts.

Sending bright color flowers like sunflowers, a mix of different bright colors of roses, or a mix of different bright colors of chrysanthemums would make a sick person happier and brightens up their mood too, which can help speed up their recovery

Flowers like Orchids, Tulips, and  Hydrangeas can also be sent to a sick person

Succulent plants are also perfect for a sick person because they’re long-lasting and low-maintenance. They require very little water, so they’re perfect for someone who doesn’t have the energy to care for a plant, such as cactus, as well as other plants



FUNERAL AND CONDOLENCE FLOWERS – Best Type of Flowers To Send For a Funeral and Condolence

Funeral flowers are tokens that embody a person’s heartfelt feelings for their dear departed ones. Their delicate and serene nature makes them the perfect memory souvenirs to honor a departed soul. 

 You want to be able to show someone who has lost a loved one your sympathies and condolences while also respectfully commemorating the life of the departed. And flowers have been the common way to express such sentiments.

Funeral flowers come in a variety of arrangements, and each one has a different use and purpose.

Whether you’re taking care of a funeral arrangement or attending one, knowing what flowers to send is crucial. Here are the most popular funeral flowers and what each of them means. 



FUNERAL  WREATHS are flowers that can be arranged into a circular base with floral foam to form a wreath, which the family might hang up at the funeral. Wreaths are often known as a STANDING SPRAY when hung on a tripod.

A CASKET SPRAY is a long and big arrangement of flowers that lies on top of the casket. The casket spray is also ordered by the family or the funeral home.  They choose the color, style, and variety of flowers to be in it.

A FLOOR BOUQUET is a bouquet of flowers that a funeral guest can give to the family to display at the funeral. It’s sometimes a combination of flowers and greenery, and it sits on the floor of the grave. So also a FLORAL BASKET. They are similar, but a floral basket is an arrangement of flowers in a basket given to the family of the deceit 



WHITE  is the most common color of funeral flowers, as well as sympathy flowers. The color white evokes feelings of peace, innocence, and honor. White flowers are suitable for any funeral occasion.

YELLOW is appropriate for a funeral if you want to make the occasion more of a celebration of life than a time of sadness. Vibrant yellow and orange flowers make people think of happy memories.

PURPLE signifies respect and dignity, making it a perfect color for a funeral arrangement. You can also pair it with white for a peaceful, soothing arrangement

BLUE funeral flowers express deep condolences and mourning. At the same time, blue can symbolize your hopes for the future and well wishes for the family.

RED for funeral indicates beauty, as well as strength. Red funeral flowers can add a touch of vibrancy to a funeral or visitation.


Which occasions did we miss out on, feel free to comment below, and be sure to check out things to look out for when ordering flowers.

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