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Free Valentine (13th – 15th Feb) Delivery across Lagos and Abuja on orders above N100,000 ($200/£185)

Color may vary based on availability

Available in 7 sizes:
Small (30cm N34499),
Medium (35cm N50500),
Standard (40cm N69499),
Standard Plus(45cm N80500),
Standard Premium (50cm N95499),
Large (60cm N113500)
Life Sized (180cm N249499)

  • Order online or call/whatsapp +2349077777994 to order.
  • Colour may vary based on availability
  • We reserve the right to interchange comparable product based on availability
  • You can order now and get it delivered up to a year later
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Life Sized, c) Small, d) Medium, e) Standard, f) Standard Premium, f) Standard Plus, g) Large

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