Bologna -Box of Red, white, pink, yellow or purples roses mixed with . . . select size



Free Valentine (13th – 15th Feb) Delivery across Lagos and Abuja on orders above N100,000 ($200/£185)

Exquisite bouquet of red, white, pink, yellow or purples roses with million stars or statice.

7 Sizes (Note: Standard, Standard Plus, Standard Premium and VIP sizes comes in complimentary black luxury box worth 20k)

standard Box 24cm (162000)
Standard Plus Box 27cm (195000)
Standard Premium Box 30cm (285000)
VIP Entry Box 33cm (379000)
VIP Medium Box 36cm (503000)
VIP Standard Box 39cm (649500)
VIP Standard Plus Box 42cm (771500)
VIP Standard Premium Box 45cm (1002500)
VIP Large Box 48cm (1446000)
VIP Executive Box 51cm (1598000)
VIP First Class Box 60cm (2117000)

…or go all out with VIP Sizes

1 Pack (any flavour) (+₦30,499)
2 Packs (any 2 flavours) (+₦55,999)
3 Packs (all 3 flavours) (+₦80,499)
25cm Height (+₦19,500)
50cm Height (+₦40,500)
Guylian chocolate
1 Pack (+₦24,999)
Guylian chocolate
2 Packs (+₦42,600)
Guylian chocolate
3 Packs (+₦60,000)
Pk of 6 (+₦19,500)
Pk of 12 (+₦30,500)
Pk of 24 (+₦43,500)
Sandara Red or Mojito wine (+₦25,000)
Moet Brut Champagne (+₦85,000)
Moet Rose or Nectar Champagne (+₦95,000)
Moet Ice Champagne (+₦105,000)
Small 30cm (+₦44,999)
Medium 35cm (+₦68,999)
Standard 40cm (+88999%)
Standard Plus 45cm (+₦114,999)
Standard Premium 50cm (+₦144,999)
Large 60cm (+₦174,999)
Life Size 180cm (+₦289,999)

Exquisite bouquet of red, white, pink, yellow or purples roses with million stars or statice. Available in various sizes

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    • Order online or call/whatsapp +2349077777994 to order.
    • Optional flower vases available.
    • You can order now and get it delivered up to a year later.
    • We reserve the right to interchange comparable product based on availability.
Select Size

(a) One Flavour, (b) Two Flavours, (c) Three Flavours, 12 inches, k) VIP Standard Plus, Life Sized, N) VIP Executive, o) VIP First Class, One Choc, One Flavour, Three Choc, Two Choc, a) Entry bouquet(5 Roses), A)Entry Bouquet (5 Roses), B) Xsmall Bouquet (10 Roses), b) Xsmall Bouquet(10 roses), C) Small Bouquet (15 Roses), D) Medium Bouquet (20 Roses), E) Standard Bouquet (25 Roses), F) Standard Plus Bouquet (30 Roses), G) Standard Premium Bouquet (40 Roses), Medium bouqut(20 roses), Small bouquet(15 Roses), Standard bouquet(25 Roses), Standard Box (24cm), Standard Plus Box (27cm), Standard Premium Box (30cm), VIP Entry Bouquet 60roses, VIP Entry Box (33cm), VIP Executive Bouquet 250roses, VIP Executive Box (51cm), VIP First Class Bouquet 300roses, VIP First Class Box (60cm), VIP Large Bouquet 200roses, VIP Large Box (48cm), VIP Medium Bouquet 80roses, VIP Medium Box (36cm), VIP Standard Bouquet 100roses, VIP Standard Box (39cm), VIP Standard Plus Bouquet 120roses, VIP Standard Plus Box (42cm), VIP Standard Premium Bouquet 150roses, VIP Standard Premium Box (45cm), Xsmall bouquet(10 Roses), 10 inches, 8 inches, a) Entry, b) Extra Small, c) Small, d) Medium, e) Standard, f) Standard Premium, f) Standard Plus, g) Large, g) Standard Premium, H) VIP Entry, I) VIP Medium, J) VIP Standard, L) VIP Standard Premium, Large, M) VIP Large, Medium, pack of 12, pack of 24, pack of 6, Small, Standard, Standard Plus, X Small, XSmall

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