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Ladies in Lagos and Abuja talk about their experiences when they got flowers

Fresh flowers are known by all as gifts that help both men sending to ladies, as well as ladies sending to men express their feelings and unwavering love.

Having a bouquet delivered to you will always remain a romantic gesture, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to forget their first flower delivery, especially if the sender knew what to look for when buying the flowers

We asked 5 women in Abuja and Lagos about their first flower experience and here is what they had to say. 

Dolapo, 29 LAGOS

I got to my office in Ikoyi one calm lovely morning to find a box of chocolates and a bouquet of different colors of rose flowers on my desk. 

I had never been so thoroughly spoiled in my life and could hardly concentrate all morning.

When it was lunchtime, I told my boss I wasn’t feeling too well and needed to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, it was my boo’s house where I went to collect love and care.

Easily one of the best days of my life. 


Sarah, 27 ABUJA

I received my first bouquet of flowers on my 23rd birthday. It was actually the first time I ever had anything delivered to me. 

At the time I was working at a restaurant in Maitama Sule in Abuja and I couldn’t believe the flowers were for me, as I had only witnessed flowers come in for customers dining at the restaurant. 

It came with a box of cupcakes and a gift set. I didn’t even get to taste the cupcakes, my co-workers ate them all.

I didn’t realise how much happiness a bouquet of flowers could bring until that moment. 


Ebube, 44 ABUJA

My husband got me my first set of flowers the day he proposed to me in an hotel in Abuja. I remember how colorful the flowers were. 

Ever since, I’ve had a thing for flowers, being close to one makes me feel years younger. 

Luckily he is a romantic who still sends me flowers from time to time.


Racheal, 30 LAGOS

I got a call from an unknown number but I ignored it because most times I do not pick strange numbers, I then got a text that I had delivery and that I should specify my preferred delivery location.  

It turned out to be a flower delivery from my boyfriend. 

I was confused because it wasn’t my birthday nor any occasion worth celebrating at all, plus I had never received flowers in my life. 

They were long-stemmed white roses that were beautifully arranged and they came with my favorite wine. 

I have never felt more valued in my whole entire life. 


Vivienne, 23 LAGOS

I got my first flower technically when I was 12 because they were artificial, haha, does that count? I was in SS2 at the time and it came from the boy I had a massive crush on. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it home because I had a very orthodox “Deeper Life Church Mummy” to explain to, but I kept it under my locker till I graduated. 

Interestingly, 8 years later, the same man got me a box of fresh roses that rekindled the good old days we spent tickled by the playful fingers of young love. 


Fatima, 26 LAGOS

I got my first flower from my elder sister on my 25th birthday. We always talked about how it wasn’t a common thing in this part of the world, Lagos to be specific, and how nice it’d be to receive one.

Turning 25 was already an excitement on its own but receiving those flowers, a teddy, and a box of chocolate came with its unique excitement and niche of happiness.

 I can still remember the beautifully shaped petals. The lilies were nothing short of elegant, words cannot suffice. Don’t mind me, I am a hopeless romantic, and I hope my future man would get the hint to always send me flowers.


Judith, 26 ABUJA

I am tempted to say that the first set of flowers I received is still the most captivating bouquet I have ever laid eyes on to this day. I have been maid of honor four times, so I’ve seen many bouquets, but that one was just unique and beautiful.

My mother got them for me when I passed my IELTS exams and I couldn’t express my gratitude enough. This was more shocking because my mum was the strict, no nonsense type who rarely gives compliments. Unfortunately, she passed away earlier this year, and recalling the memory of receiving those flowers is making me teary now. 

Mum, I will always love you.


Etta, 27 LAGOS

I remember the first time my fiance delivered flowers and chocolates to my office in Lekki 1. Although I already had a feeling that he was going to get it because he asked me if I like flowers and what type I liked.

I screamed at the office when I received it. My co-workers always greeted him specially whenever he came around. It was just like he had bribed them.


Jola 33 LAGOS

I didn’t know lilies had a heavenly smell until I received my first set of flowers in 2019 at  Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

I hardly went 3 days without mentioning it to my friends for that entire month.

Ever since, I try to always have a jar of fresh flowers in my house, usually a bouquet of roses by my kitchen window.


Bola-Smith, 35 ABUJA

I received my first set of flowers after the demise of my grandmother. They came from my uncle after the burial. 

It made me feel safe, knowing that I still have people who cared so much for me.


Feyikemi, 32 ABUJA

My big brother got me my first set of flowers during my MSc graduation. It was delivered to me at home before the ceremony. It came with a card that read “You’ve ground hard, now’s the time to go big”. I cried and almost ruined my makeup ha-ha.

The flowers were so elegant, their petals were so unusual and beautiful. Such a memorable moment.


Sending a Fresh flower bouquet is one of the best ways to express one’s emotion without words, be it love, joy, affection, gratitude, sympathy, romance, or apologies. 

However, receiving flowers especially when it is from someone you have a strong connection with unexpectedly, would not only make one happy but also make you feel loved and have the memories forever 

Feel free to drop your own or your friend’s experience receiving or sending flowers in the comments section.

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