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Is It Okay For Guys To Receive Flowers?

For so many years, we have known men give flowers to women to show their love and affection for them and to impress them. We consider that normal and thoughtful, especially in a romantic sense.

Men also buy flowers from local florists to show deeper feelings, not just to a girl they like but also to their female family and friends to make a specific impression, be it admiration, love, or friendship and are experts at it.

While it is increasingly popular to give men flowers, many ladies are still not familiar with giving men flowers despite various studies that show that it is just the right kind of surprising gesture that would melt a man. 

For many ladies, flowers aren’t typically the first choice of a gift to men, which brings us to this topic.

  • What do men feel about receiving flowers?

  • Is it okay to send flowers to men?

  • Why should men receive flowers?

  • Flowers for men

  • When to send flowers to men 

What Do Men Feel About Flowers?

Research was done according to the society of florists in America and it shows more than 60% of men would love to receive flowers.

Yes, flowers might not presently be as popular a gift choice for men as it is for women but the surprise of the delivery and the sweet gesture will have them feel loved, valued, and cherished in a relationship.

Just like we did with ladies, I spoke to several male friends, including my next-door neighbour, Micheal about his thoughts on receiving flowers:

Personally, as a man, I would be happy to receive flowers because it is a quirky, unusual gift and I have never received flowers before as a romantic or just a friendly gift.

I would be happy, but even more surprised as I would see the lady as unpredictable and mysterious, and that would make the relationship more exciting.

We men also love to be pursued with romantic things like fresh flowers, which shows our lover is thinking of us romantically and also show she understands there are different sides to us.

Speaking with the various men, a common theme that kept coming up was that it was out of the box and very different from the ordinary type of gifts every lady gives. Everyone even men love gifts that they are not expecting.

And most importantly, it shows men that you are thinking of them. Guys like to know that he was on your mind so much so you got him a gift he would normally never get for himself.

Is It Okay To Send Flowers To A Man?

Firstly, the answer is YES, it is very much okay to send fresh flowers to men.

It is perfectly okay to send fresh flowers to a man whenever you please, don’t let societal standards hold you back from sending men flowers.

Times are changing and many florists are increasingly seeing orders from ladies for flowers to their husbands, boyfriends, and male friends and family members.

Men are increasingly open and happy to receive flowers as much as they send flowers, as it is a surprising and endearing gesture that they usually appreciate. This makes sense as we believe men should also know what it feels like to be appreciated and surprised with a sincere gesture such as receiving flowers.

Most times we think receiving flowers is ‘girly’ but that doesn’t apply in this era.

Sending flowers to someone is the most genuine gesture and there is no reason why men shouldn’t feel this kind of love and appreciation.

It’s fine for men to receive flowers, no matter what the occasion may be. They would appreciate it even more than them sending flowers 

So, send fresh flowers to a man Today.


Why Should Men Receive Flowers?

You have heard from a man too, so forget about all these ‘hard-guy’ men generally love to portray, deep down in their hearts they want to feel loved by someone sometimes, and they want to be treated as a king without having to ask.

Most men indeed receive their first flower when they die, as wreaths during their burial which is quite unfortunate as they would have appreciated the gesture at least one time during their life.

We all know how stressful it is living and working in any major city such as Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria, with the non-stop traffic every day, closing very late from work, and sometimes dealing with a toxic boss or colleagues. We all know how frustrating these can be for us all, including our men. 

Sending flowers to a man is the kind of unusual seeming gesture that would catch a man off-guard and will not only help them relax but also make them happy to know someone is genuinely thinking of them and want them to know that.

Flowers have a way of making people happy and calming them, both men and women


Flowers For Men

Sending flowers to men often mean the same thing as when a man sends flowers to women and it’s also a perfect way to let him/her know what you are feeling and how important his/her presence is in your life.

There are different types of flowers that can help you say what’s on your mind.
Here are some flower types and colors that can help convey your message without words 

Red Roses

Red roses are mostly known as romantic flowers though they can be used for other occasions too. 

Generally, when you want to appreciate or express your love to your boyfriend, husband, father, brother, or to a guy you like, you can send them a bouquet of red roses with million stars in it, or a classic bouquet of just red roses.

If you are in a steady relationship or celebrating an anniversary, you may want to go all the way with VIP flower arrangements 

You can also send a cake/cupcakes or wine along with the arrangement.

Yellow Roses

Bright colors and sunny flowers are what you send to your male friends or colleague. If you want to send a bouquet to congratulate them or to say happy birthday, you can send a bouquet of yellow roses and million stars or a vase arrangement of yellow roses, or a box of yellow roses with million stars.

White Flowers

If you argued or fought with your boyfriend or husband or a random guy you like, or he is going through a rough time. White flowers are what you need to send for apologies, sympathy, or as condolence flowers.

A bouquet of white roses or a bouquet of white chrysanthemums is a great example of what to send to apologize and to show sympathy.

Mixed Colors and Flowers

You can also choose to send him a bouquet of different flower types and with different colors. This is to show or let him know you are thinking of him and also want to make him feel special and loved.

A bouquet of different colors of chrysanthemums mixed with roses and million star is perfect; you can also decide to send a bouquet of different colours of chrysanthemums or a box of different colors of roses. These are perfect when you want him to feel loved and also to brighten his mood 

When To Send Flowers To Men

There are so many reasons to send flowers to someone, be it a man or a woman. 

You can send flowers to him on his birthday or when you want to apologize to him or when you want to make him feel loved and cherished. Also on Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or when he gets promoted at work, you can send flowers to him to celebrate his success.

With all being listed, you do not need an occasion or reason to send flowers to him.
Send flowers to him out of the blue, surprise him with flowers for no reason. It’s a beautiful way to show him you are thinking of him and want him to feel loved.

Generally, while we once had the mentality that flowers were typically only given to women to express their love, affection, and care, times have thankfully changed, especially the flower-giving game.

Men are now shown more love and affection too and are tired of receiving boxers and singlets from women.

Today is a good day to send flowers to the men in your life; from your dad, to your male friends and of course, your man, and let them know you are thinking of them.

What do you think about sending flowers to a man? Let us know in the comment section.

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