Flowers Preservation Techniques  

Flowers are God’s given nature to humanity for beautifying environments or an event. It’s also used for sparking up people’s romance nature and relationships. 

Flower is called “fresh” when it’s freshly cut or removed from the plant bearing it. 

It’s essential to take good care of flowers to maintain their freshness and make them last longer.  

The following tips are the ways to care for fresh flowers: 

  1. Trimming 
  2. Watering 
  3. Do not allow water to touch the head or the petals. 
  4. Do not touch the head of the flowers. 
  5. Keep in a cool environment 
  6. Keep away from the heat and sunlight 
  7. Do not use a chemical spray around it 

Trimming: Trimming 2 inches from the flower stem helps the flower to absorb more water and prevent it from getting dry easily.  Then, while trimming the flowers, remember to remove the leaves at the bottom of the stems before putting them inside the water. 

 Water: Keeping the stems of your fresh flowers in a vase of water keeps it alive. As human beings need water to survive, so also a flower needs water to stay alive. 

Do not allow water to touch the head or the petals:  Whenever you are conditioning your flowers, always be mindful of the petals or the head of the flowers for it not to touch the water, because it will easily make the flower get bad.

Do not touch the head of the flowersFlowers need to be pampered whenever you are caring for it. Anytime you are caring for fresh flowers, avoid touching the head to avoid it getting bruised and paled. 

Keep in a cool environment:  It’s very important to always keep our fresh flowers in a controlled environment or under air condition, because it contributes more to the lifespan of fresh flowers for its sustenance. It also helps the flower to stay fresh and bright. 

Keep away from the heat and sunlight:   a fresh flower that is already cut off from the plant that is bearing it doesn’t need sunlight for its sustenance anymore, because it’s been disconnected from the root or plant that bears it. 

 And keep away from direct heat, for example an air conditioner heat.  

Do not use a chemical spray around it: Flowers lifespan can be cut short whenever you spray an insecticide around them; they can easily get dry and die if any chemical that is not meant for treatment of flowers is sprayed on or around the flowers. 

In a nutshell, the word frame for the above tips is called “Conditioning of Flowers” it also includes; Trimming, cutting and changing the water 3 times a week

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