Since the Victorian era, fresh flowers have been proven to be a part of our lives from the way they make us feel to helping us express our love and affection, also how they add beauty to our environment and even to our lives.


Years ago, fresh flowers were things that were seen in movies or read in books and some people think fresh flowers are for the whites only. But as the years go by, we’ve got to see the beauty and importance of fresh flowers in our lives. 


Some countries like Nigeria are just getting used to the floral industry and are still finding it hard to understand the importance of fresh flowers in our lives


Join us as we talk about some important things to know about fresh flowers or fresh cut flowers on this article 



First of all, Fresh flower is a part of a potted plant that is brightly colored and grows at the end of a stem, and also has one or more buds on the stem.


Fresh-cut flowers are flowers that were grown in greenhouses (a glass building in which plants that need protection from cold weather are grown) and cut for commercial or business purposes, they are also sold to local florists around the world.

Fresh-cut flowers are bigger and way stronger than the flowers that are grown outside the greenhouse and they also have all the nutrients to survive long travels.


There are different types of fresh-cut flowers, we have Roses (which is the most popular flower ), we also have Chrysanthemums, Lily, Orchid, Gypsophila, Hydrangea, Carnations, Wax flower and so much more.



According to the new UCL-led research in 2018, flowering plants were likely found between 149 and 256 million years ago. 


In 1540 BC, the Ancient Egyptians were the first to use flowers as burial and sacrificial objects. Then later the Greeks and Romans adopted the culture.


The tradition of gifting flowers goes way back to the prehistoric times ( about 3.3 million years ago, the beginning of recorded history with the intervention of the writing system ) when flowers were used as medicine or had medicinal and herbal attributes.


The practice of sending or gifting flowers to people fully flourished in the Middle Ages ( from the late 5th century to the late 15th century. The middle period of the traditional division of Western history which is  the classical era,  the medieval period and the modern period ) when people or couples showed their affections by sending flowers to one another.



Fresh flowers or fresh-cut flowers are important in nature and also to humans in so many ways. They have many proven benefits on our wellbeing and health.

Flowers are also true symbols of love and affection.


They are a perfect gift to give anyone you love or care about, be it a special occasion or not because you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. Whether you want to apologize or to express your love to someone.


Flowers are given to loved ones, especially when they are sick because the presence of vibrant and joyful colors of flowers can trigger happy feelings, they have an immediate effect on our mood.

This has also been proven by scientific studies that fresh flowers in hospitals can cure a patient naturally by reducing stress and anxiety.


Fresh flowers add life to any event with their beautiful vibrant colors, they can turn every moment and event into a special one 

The sight of beautiful fresh flowers in any room or environment has a positive and calm effect on the recipients.


They also signify selflessness, strength and purity. In some countries like India, fresh flowers inspire them to follow righteousness. 

 “Indian Lotus” or  “Holy Lotus,” and “Bean of India” are considered a sacred flower due to its association with Indian deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, Devi. Lakshmi, and Saraswati. 

In the Buddhist emblem, the lotus symbolizes purity of body, speech and mind because even after getting out of the mud, these flowers bloom on long stalks as if floating above a water filled with desire and hatred.


Flowers like Peace Lily, Gerberas and Bromelia can help remove harmful toxins from the air and improve night sleep according to scientific studies and  also have the capacity to freshen up, filter and clean any room.


They help improve moods and maintain a comfortable environment by their aromatic powers.

They can also be used to make fragrances and also for skincare routine.



Yes, fresh flowers actually do grow in Nigeria and they are very similar to flowers grown in other parts of west and central Africa. Nigeria has several climate zones that range from savannah grassland and deciduous forest in the central part of Nigeria to tropical rain forest close to the coast.


In Jos, Nigeria (the capital of Plateau state), the climate is very good and has a conducive condition for the cultivation and growing of varieties of fresh flowers. This is one of the many advantages why horticulturists in that part of Nigeria expanded their garden.


Some flowers that grow in Nigeria are Roses, Lily, Chrysanthemums, Amaryllis, Calla lilies, Gloriosa lily, Red Acalypha, Sunflowers, Anthuriums, Gypsophila, Orchid among others.


We spoke to one of the top fresh flower shops in Lagos Nigeria and Abuja on why flowers are expensive in Nigeria, and part of what was said was 


Flowers in Nigeria can not be compared to the ones imported because of their size and quality. We at Regal flowers go for quality first to please our client and give them the best. Flowers that grow in Nigeria are beautiful and nice but are smaller than the ones we import and also they don’t last long.”


I hope this article helps you understand better what flowers are.

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