For many years now, Fresh flowers have been a symbol to show love and care. Yes, we might still find some Nigerians who would say that fresh flowers are not our culture and way of life, so they are not important; but we can’t dispute how important flowers are and the many roles they play in our daily lives.

Everyone cares for fresh flowers one way or the other, even without them knowing it. From liking floral pictures on social media, to them liking the way it made people around them feel when they receive the flowers and also admiring the colors of the flowers and the aesthetics it gives.

From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day or any occasion, fresh flowers are alway a fabulous gift to send to anyone because they are one of the best things on earth and also one of the easiest ways to add beauty and happiness to our lives, either you’re sending it to someone you care about or buying them for yourself.

As a man, I’ve always believed we should experience the joy of flowers, even if it’s once in our lives, irrespective of gender. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should send her flowers.



Sending fresh flowers to her is a perfect way to make her believe that she is important in your life and that you love her, because they have a way of passing a message that words alone can’t express.

When it comes to expressing love to someone, whether to a man or a woman, fresh flowers are the go-to gift to send, because fresh flowers are popularly known to signify love and romance.

If ever you are in doubt of what to send to that special someone to express your love to them, trust me, fresh flowers would do the trick. Especially Red Roses and Million Stars.

Allow the power of flowers to do the magic.



We know some of you might be thinking “why not send her cake, perfume or even bags and clothes?”; Yes, we also agree that those are things that she would like. 

But at the same time, she could always get these things herself, even regularly.

However, the chances of her getting flowers herself are very thin.

As a loving guy, you want to send that special woman in your life a gift that would be memorable and at the same time make her happy. A beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers would be heartwarming, especially when it’s her first time receiving flowers.

Her experience receiving fresh flowers for the first time, could create a lasting memory for her.



As we all know, Nigerian ladies love to be taken care of, yes they truly deserve it.

To be spoiled with beautiful precious gifts, such as perfumes, a skin care set for their soft skin, scented candles, diamonds, cakes, chocolates and every beautiful thing you could think of, especially flowers.

Sending a bouquet of flowers with other gift items is one of the best and easiest ways to make a lady feel loved. There are different gifts that go well with flowers that would help you impress a lady and make her feel cherished.

So, let her feel loved and cherished today by sending her a bouquet of mixed flowers with her favorite gift items. This has been proven to strengthen the love in relationships.



Surprise her with a beautiful box of flowers with other gift items and a sweet note attached to it, have it delivered to her when she’s at her office or when she’s out with friends to let her know she’s in your thoughts.

That way she gets to show off to her colleagues or friends, and also take pictures for social media to show how thoughtful and loving her partner is to her.

Don’t pay much attention to the saying that Nigerian ladies don’t like flowers.

They might have experienced others receiving flowers, seen it in movies or read books where women received flowers and could be craving such an experience without having to ask for it.



Absolutely! You do not need a reason to send her flowers. Spoil her with different lovely things from time to time, especially flowers.

You could get flowers on your way home after work, head to her place, ask her to come outside and hand the flowers to her, it is definitely going to make her smile and happy.

If you are married, get her flowers just to make her happy.

You don’t need a reason to make someone you love happy, especially when you are trying to impress a lady you like. Go all out to prove your love to her.


Now you’ve seen our top 5 reasons why you should send her flowers.

Let us know in the comment section why you would send her flowers. 


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