Plants as we know are vital to our everyday life style. We tend to see them in our environment. They are not just used for beautifying our homes and surroundings, but serve as a channel of creating proper ventilation as well as it’s health benefits, that’s one of the reasons people have trees in their house.

There are superstitious beliefs that some plants do not just beautify our homes and offices but as well attract prosperity and good luck.

Here are 10 plants that supposedly attract money to your home and office:



 Lucky Bamboo

This plant is said to attract luck, good fortunes, and riches when kept in the home and office. It is a popular plant in Feng Shui which is believed to bring positive energy, luck and prosperity.


 Money Tree

This is also called “money plant” or “the good luck tree. Aside from the fact this beautiful plant helps purify the air from different air pollutants, it is also believed to attract wealth and good fortune which is why it is also the go to plant for your home and office.


 Rosemary plant

This fragrant plant is believed to bring luck and financial blessings. It is beneficIal for decision making and financial planning as it is associated with thoughts.



Orchids are exotics and elegant plants that symbolize fertility,beauty and luxury. Feng Shui regards the ability of Orchids to attract abundance and good fortunes well. You need this plant at your workspace and home to keep the money flowing.


Peace Lily

Peace lily as the name implies is mostly known for its air purity qualities and it has the tendency to attract harmony and peace to any environment. As it is believed, this plant attracts prosperity and positive energy. It is also called prosperity lily and it is among one of the lucky plants that bring good fortune and harmony to the home and office.


 Jade Plant

Many cultures consider the Jade plant as a symbol of good luck and it is usually associated with prosperity. It has a tendency to attract success and wealth when placed at the entrance of your office and home.



Basil is a versatile herb which is not just added to dishes but also brings good fortune and prosperity. It is a plant that attracts positivity.  Having basil in your home and office can bring prosperity and abundance.


 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also knowingly planted in most homes and it’s known for its healing ability.  It is believed to attract prosperity, luck and positive vibes added to its medicinal benefits.


 citrus Tree

Citrus trees are also associated with prosperity and abundance. They also don’t just beautify our environment but have refreshing fragrance as well.



This can also be called “Devil’s ivy”, it is well known for good air purifying quality.  Besides this amazing ability, Pothos attract luck.



Plants are very necessary to have in our house and office spaces. These are some plants that supposedly bring Wealth. 

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